Onefeed Data Feed-Management und Optimierung Perfromance

Onefeed is a leading provider of management suites for comparison shopping marketing, competitor analysis, search engine marketing and data feed optimisation. We provide best in class feed and data management tools that enable our clients to maximise their feeds’ potential without having to invest massively in their own software solutions. These marketing tools have been built to the exacting standards of the comparison shopping websites, affiliate networks and search engine marketing portals.

This however does not limit the potential of what we bring to the table. Ultimately our goal is to create and optimise any feed to meet any requirement you need as well as help you advertise your products cost effectively across a number of portals and services. Essentially the service just requires a single data export of your product inventory, we can do the rest. Even if you are struggling to build a quality datafeed we can help. Please visit the site scraping tab above to find out more. For more information on how to get your data from your database and what is required please contact us.

Every comparison shopping site needs a product data feed built to their specification. When a feed is built to the exact standards of each site, your performance will improve. If you are struggling to build bespoke data feeds to all the 20 or so UK comparison shopping engines then we can help. We offer a centrally managed web hosted solution that you can access for anywhere at any time. We offer a comparison shopping feed management service that takes the pressure off you to optimise the feeds as well as track and update the feeds daily.

Using your feed we can also build product based campaigns in Google AdWords. Using a feed is the simplest and most logical way of building ad groups for all your products. That way you have content rich adverts for all your products so there is no reason for shoppers not to find your store. The latest addition to the Onefeed merchant suite is a competitor analysis tool. This lets you compare the prices of your competitors on a daily basis that enables you to keep on top of your own pricing without having to spend all day collecting the data.

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